A 2D action-adventure that combines surreal narratives, venturing into an atmospheric abyss of dark dream, with weighty, skilled combats inspired by Sekiro and Bloodborne.

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The Biggest War In 11 Years

The endless greed of the power inevitably plunged the world into a tempestuous maelstrom of conflict. The war, which was thought to be decisive in an instant, lasted for as long as 11 years as the endless war of attrition continued on each front.

The ferocious and tenacious war that will be remembered in history finally came to an end, but its ghosts still haunt the survivors.


Secretive Project
Vapor World

In a desperate bid to save a mankind stained with wounds, the secretive project Vapor World was invented. 

This machine empowered humans to venture into a realm of dreams, woven from the fabric of their thoughts. But no one could fathom the sinister shadow that the greatest invention would cast.



A boy shrouded in mystery, lost his mind, found himself engulfed alone in this darkest dream created Vapor World. Can you unravel the hidden secrets of this strange world and back to reality?



Intense combat

The combat system, inspired by Sekiro and Bloodborne, is designed to be dynamic yet elegantly restrained. Each button press has been meticulously crafted to ensure utmost responsiveness, guaranteeing players always achieve their intended actions.

Combat isn’t just about attack and roll. Deflect and attack incessantly, players can push enemies to a groggy state, cracking them for core extraction. And by delegating the complexity of this wonderful battle to the system, we realized an ‘Easy to learn, Hard to master’ approach that can be executed solely with attack and defense keys.


Real-time Narrative

A huge train falls from the sky, and gravity reverses instantly. Recognizing you, the boss stops what he’s doing and takes out his weapon to start a battle.

 Vaporworld has implemented most of its production to real-time progress using dynamic cameras and animations. You can feel the atmosphere of being on the scene more intuitively without interrupting the gameplay.


Hand-painted Art

In Vapor World, you will encounter new high-quality artwork every moment. Even though created in 2D art, it is expressed so that you can feel a sense of space by using a dynamic perspective that can only be depicted in the illustration. 

The unique style of artwork using delicate light and shadow is completed with the techniques used by the old masters. Drawing all different artwork without recycling resources is a big challenge. This development method requires a lot of costs but will give you a high level of immersion.



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